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In July 2009, Anonymous learned of plans to open an Advanced Org and Canada Continental Liason Office in Mono, Ontario. The CoS had apparently purchased the former Hockley Highlands Inn and Conference Centre (793435 3rd Line, Mono, Ontario). According to the CoS press release (since deleted) and Freedom Magazine article, the purchase was announced in June, probably at their Maiden Voyage event. The location was not specified in the press release, but Anonymous Intelligence Dissemination Service (AIDS) operatives were able to positively identify the site.

As an Advanced Org, they'd be selling the higher end courses/training, not the low level indoctrination stuff like the comm course, and they'd need lower level orgs and missions to feed them the "slightly-singed meat". That means that those people won't be spending their money in Clearwater and LA.


Scientology Press Release

Scientology parishioners learned this week of a milestone in Scientology history when Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, announced the acquisition of a 159,400 square feet, 190 acre facility for the future home of the Advanced Organization of Canada. Not only will this provide the advanced training and counseling services for all Canadian parishioners, it will also house the Canadian Scientology national offices that coordinate Scientology expansion and social betterment programs for the country.
First announced by Mr. Miscavige in June, aboard the Freewinds religious retreat, the event was broadcast this week to Scientology churches and missions around the world
This new facility represents tremendous expansion for the Scientology religion. Canadians used to have to travel to the United States, England, Denmark or Australia to receive the advanced levels of Scientology training and counseling developed by Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Once the renovation of these facilities is complete, Canadian Scientologists will be able to take advantage of these services in their own country.
The estate, formerly an inn and conference center, comprises five separate buildings in a stunning rural setting less than 30 minutes from the Toronto airport. It will also include full hotel facilities for the Scientology parishioners who arrive from Scientology churches and missions throughout Canada to take advantage of the full gamut of these services right in their own country.
Canadians are proud of their heritage. The new Advanced Organization for this multi-cultural nation of over 33 million residents will cater to French and English-speaking Canadian Scientologists hailing from missions and groups from throughout the 10 Canadian provinces and 3 territories and the central Scientology organization in Edmonton, Alberta; Kitchener, Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario; Montreal and Québec City, Québec; Winnipeg, Manitoba and Vancouver, British Columbia

Anonymous' Press Release

Harpoons were sent to both the Orangeville Citizen and Banner in August, 2009. Banner did follow up with Anonymous, requesting a copy of Freedom Magazine - the link to download the pdf was given. Community newspapers run slowly in the summer, and they'd have to try to get official word from the cult too. We hope that the story might be published in the near future.

Additionally, the following email has been sent to 150 community members in Dufferin County, including community groups, churches, businesses, Mono town council, Dufferin county council, and Orangeville city council.

Dear Dufferin County Resident,
We have discovered that the Church of Scientology, a criminally convicted cult, plans to open an Advanced Org on the property previously occupied by the Hockley Highlands Inn and Conference Centre near 3rd Line & Hockley Road. We would like to urge you to spread awareness of the presence of the Church of Scientology to any and all citizens in your area. It is extremely concerning that a segment of the Bruce Trail will be controlled by this organization, in addition to other influences they will attempt to gain within your community.
The Church of Scientology is not a church nor a religion; it is a criminally convicted cult. Its bid for charity status with the Canada Revenue Agency was denied as there is no element of worship within the Church. It is the policy of the Church of Scientology to avoid “rewarding the downstat,” that is, giving to those who are unable to give back. Can you imagine a church where charity is considered unethical?
Scientology has been involved in many illegal activities such as Operation Snow White, which consisted of infiltrating the United States and Canadian governments to dispose of documents harmful to their reputation. The Church of Scientology of Toronto was criminally convicted for Breach of Public Trust in 1992. Scientology “scripture” states that their critics may be “tricked, sued, lied to or destroyed” for the purpose of preserving Scientology.
In August 2009, the St. Petersburg Times published a lengthy expose on the Church of Scientology’s leader David Miscavige. Many former members of the group have come forward with claims of rampant physical abuse inside the Church of Scientology’s headquarters; the worst abuser of all being David Miscavige himself. There are currently lawsuits pending in both Europe and the United States, bringing fraud and labour abuse charges against the Church of Scientology.
All Canadians have the right to believe in any faith they choose, and practice religious worship as they see fit. Individual Scientologists tend to be highly intelligent, well intentioned people. Unfortunately they have fallen prey to this rigid totalitarian organization that uses hard-sell techniques and brainwashing rituals to fleece their members. They are indoctrinated to believe they are the only hope for this planet, and forced to disconnect from anyone who is critical of Scientology, even their closest friends and family.
We strongly urge you to spread awareness to those in your area of the appearance of this criminally convicted cult in your area. It is important that they know the danger imposed by this organization. Please do not let the members of your community fall victim to this scam.


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