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This individual is a doctor professing dangerous Scientology rundowns as medicine. Information here is provided about him as a public service so that any individual wishing to avoid pseudo-scientific medical practices should avoid this individual.

Dr. Paul Jaconello, a British doctor living in Canada for at least 40 years, has been on dust jackets for copies of Dianetics and formerly ran the Lafayette Health Centre. Currently he runs his own alternative health centre and has been a strong advocate for the Purification Rundown.

He is a Scientologist but his medical centre is not a formal Scientology front.

Quotes from his website:

  • "Detoxification procedures can play a pivotal role in the resuscitation of failing mitochondria. These would include:

Jaconello Centre for Nutritional and Preventative Medicine

751 Pape Avenue, Suite #201 Toronto, ON M4K 3T1 Canada


Tel: 416-463-2911
Fax: 416-469-0538

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