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After reading more (and doing your own research) about Anonymous and it's campaign against the Church of Scientology, you may be interested in joining our cause. We welcome your help. You can help make a difference. You do not need to be a member of Anonymous to join this fight. You need only understand why we can no longer tolerate the abuses and criminal actions committed by this immoral corporation. Here are some things you can do to help.....

  • Contact us! Contact your fellow Anonymous. We are "located" on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) which is like a "chatroom". Log in there and give us a shout. We also post on the WhyWeProtest message forums. We also have a Toronto-specific planning forum. Please sign up and leave a message to introduce yourself (without giving away personal details of course).
  • Show up! Join a protest. Start your own! Bring yourself. Bring a sign. Bring flyers. And if you can't make it to the worldwide protests, join us at Mini Raids! If you're new to this, do read the Getting Started page.
  • Write your MP. Ask how this organization is permitted to continue it's operation in Canada considering it's many run-ins with our justice system. Let them know about your concern of having (a CoS or front group) in your area.
    • This is especially important should you live in Scarborough-Rouge River as your MP is Derek Lee, known CoS supporter.
  • Print and distribute flyers. You can design your own or use ours. Choose a high pedestrian traffic area and hand out flyers. Place them under the windsheild wipers. Put them in mailboxes. Leave a stack for people to take, at their own accord, at your local restaurant/bar/retail store/etc.
  • Recruit. Protests continue to occur worldwide. (See here for more info. Bring as many people as you can. The larger the numbers, the more people/media will take notice.
  • Keep the party going! visit the protest music page if you have audio equipment and want to help DJ the next event.
  • Most importantly - SPREAD THE WORD. Educate yourself about the crimes committed by the CoS (research: fair game, operation snow white, operation freak out, disconnection policies, Lisa McPherson, etc) all over the world and then educate your friends, family and colleagues. If people are made aware of their immoral and malicious acts, they will be less likely to be sucked into it.

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