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Guerilla Flyering / Mini-raids


Image:Flash raid map.jpg
Map of suggested positioning of anons on west side of Yonge to keep the cops happy. The east side of Yonge is fair game; if you are not one of the few on the west side please stick to the east side
Edmund Yee - Staff member, as seen in traditional garments. The Org's Ethics Officer. Very confrontational. Watch out for this guy because he will try to start trouble with you. Has taken photos and audio recorded us.

What started as a direct response to the Church of Scientology's spring Dianetics sales drive has become a semi-regular event. A small number of Toronto anons get together to counter-flyer the Dianetics salespeople and enturbulate their sales and 'fresh meat.'

Because we need to stay on the good side of the police (to protect our future monthly protests) we require a basic headcount, so we ask that anybody attending record their nick/alias, the time they are arriving and anything they may be bringing, if possible.

As of July 1, 2008. We are no longer allowed to protest in front of the Org. This is a direct order from Toronto Police. See this thread for details.


We have to self-regulate ourselves or the police will ask us to move somewhere else. Therefore, based on police suggestions, we must keep the number of people flyering the west side of Yonge street to a minimum (see the map on this page for more information about suggestion anon positioning.)

The normal 'rules' also apply: don't impede pedestrians, don't block entrances, don't cause any grief for nearby businesses, don't intimidate or pressure pedestrians, don't instigate anything with the CoS and have fun.

Please be prepared a) to talk to people (more info here), b) to deal with bullbaiters / confrontation with OSA goons and c) to deal with the law / know your rights / respect the police and those around you.

Personal Security

Please read this notice before signing up for any mini-raids

It seems like the CoS is changing their tactics now that we are really hitting them on a more personal level. Because of these guerrilla / flash raids they are able to focus more on individuals.

Be prepared for potential OSA goonery, ie following you, bullbaiting, even physical concerns like pushing, throwing objects at you or even straight-on fist-throwing. You MUST implement Gandhi Tech, i.e. play dead, do not fight back and have witnesses / evidence for the police. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT FIGHT BACK OR INSTIGATE THEIR BEHAVIOUR. If we are found to be inciting violence we not only jeopardise the end of the guerrilla events but the protests themselves.

Also be aware that they are trying desperately to get your name or ANY info on you. Do not use real names AT ALL while at the event (especially the park) and watch your pockets / bags. Apparently somebody had an OSA goon go into their pocket this past weekend in the US.

If you plan to be masked, BE MASKED BEFORE YOU GET THERE and don't just assume everyone there is on our side. We will be working in teams of 2 or 3, preferably with at least one camera per team. Please bring one if you can and keep in ready to use at a moment's notice.

Only YOU are responsible for your own Anonymity.



Mini-Raid Alerts

Mini-raid events are usually discussed / decided upon on IRC days before the event. We try to post the events to the wiki as early as possible but this is not a guarantee (sometimes spontaneous mini-raids don't even appear on this wiki). If you want to be kept up to date on mini-raids either join IRC or send an email to the address noted below to be put on our mini-raid mailing list.

If you aren't regularly on IRC send an email to the address below.

IRC: #enturb

Upcoming Events

Tuesday August 26th - Mini Raid

Meet at 3pm outside the Org. Bring flyers, or bring some $ (PWYC) to contribulte to printing costs please.


  • fdsfds w/flyers
  • Xenom (I HAVE RETURNED :D), possibly with a bit of money for flyers

August 30th/31st Weekend - Operation Book-A-Thon II

Scienos are holding another "world wide" dianetics circle jerk and sell off. The Toronto org badly needs to offload its overstock books to avoid bankruptcy, lets not let that happen.

11 am - 6pm, Saturday and Sunday


  • Xenom

Discuss this event here:

September 5th - Operation Frosh U

Time: 2pm - 5pm (tentative)

  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Clubs Showcase - King's College Circle and Hart House Circle
  • 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM - Parade - students will gather on Back Campus (Hoskin Ave. at Devonshire Place) - parade route is unknown at this time.

Location: University of Toronto, St. George (downtown) campus (more details to follow)

Consider this a massive recruitment/community outreach opportunity. As part of the University of Toronto's Tri-Campus Orientation Week, several thousand students are transported from the surrounding areas to the downtown campus to participate in a parade that attracts both media and bystander attention. This would be the perfect time to deploy as many teams as possible to distribute flyers/cards to everyone in attendance since it's almost a certainty that a number of these idealistic (and likely rowdy) students will be receptive to our cause. That being said, this mission would require a significant amount of both supplies and personnel to properly accomplish as well as mandatory coordination. Discuss this event in our special forums at


City Wide Chalk Scavenger Hunt

Instead of just chalking infront of the church, we could chalk all around the city- infront of the subways and major intersections. Make like a fun scavenger hunt for the scilons.

^This idea is made of equal parts epic and win. Anonameusfawkes 02:52, 30 June 2008 (UTC)

^OMFG OMFG OMFG, Please do this when I'm available to go!! Sounds like shitloads of fun - alpha

^Only if Spacko and Wolfman are playing too :D - Thoughtcrime.

^i'm in if Spacko is <3 - Wolfman

^If it's during the weekend I should be available -Opportunity

^I went back over IRC logs and found where this was discussed... There doesn't seem to be a consensus on the legality. If it IS legal, would be just chalk slogans, or make it some sort of game with a website involved? - alpha

^This idea makes me hard in the pants area. I'll try to have a chat with the police tomorrow regarding the legality - axiom

^Yes yes yes god yes - sevenless

^Is taken already? If not could we grab it? I'd be willing to foot the hosting fee. Talk to me on IRC aboot it. - axiom

Chalk slogan ideas:

  • Variations on CULT AHEAD: # feet/meters etc
  • URLs

Past Mini Raids

For reports, photos and videos from all of our past Mini Raids, visit the Past Raids page.


For Xenu Sakes, **** dis shit
Image:Dianetics copy.jpg
Another picture of Edmund Yee, pictured here with pinstripe suit and fibre wire
Image:Mario mining.jpg
Mario - Staff member. Auditor. Will try and force you away from Co$ by claiming the sidewalk is private property, he is a liar. Won't look at you in the eye.

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