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Our Target

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Ordered chronologically:


Operation Reconnect YouTube video.

In our continuing efforts against the Church of Scientology, Anonymous is launching Operation Reconnect. Projected to take place in the month of April, this operation will shine a spotlight on families torn apart by the Church of Scientology. "The aim is to bring these families together," commented an organizer who identified himself as David Mudkip.

The name of this operation stems from the Church of Scientology's notorious 'disconnection policy', under which individuals within the Church are forbidden contact with those whom the Church deems to be a threat to its security. This policy is used frequently by the Church of Scientology to separate families, creating a rift between those outside the Church and those trapped within it. This also serves the purpose of removing any social supports an individual has outside the Church, making it more difficult for them to end their affiliation with this organization.

Since Anonymous set out on a campaign against the Church of Scientology, a number of individuals have stepped forth with accounts of their personal experiences within the Church. Many of these people described the negative influence exerted by the Church of Scientology on their families. On April 12th some of these individuals will be relating their experiences to the public as speakers at peaceful demonstrations.

We are Anonymous.

We have Awoken.

We stand as one.

Have you seen this person?

Stephanie Headley is reported to be a Scientologist "disconnected" from her family. Apparently, her father has created a website, looking for her. She is rumoured to be in Toronto.

Pre-Protest Activities

The "Official" poster for Operation Reconnect. Full resolution PDF [available here]
The "Official" poster for Operation Reconnect. Full resolution PDF [available here]
Two-sided general information flyer (low resolution). NEW full resolution PDF [available here]
Two-sided general information flyer (low resolution). NEW full resolution PDF [available here]

Handing out flyers and information

Set up groups of ~5 anons at Bloor/Yonge, Queen/Yonge Eaton Centre doors, Church/Wellesley, and or other high-traffic places (forget Bay street). The goal is to promote the April 12th protest and to make them aware about Scientology. Talking to Anonymous will make people remember. Other possible areas of recruitment include U of T, Ryerson, York U, and Seneca College

Note: This is the weekend that Canadian Idol is in Toronto at Yonge-Dundas Square... I think if we want to reach out to a wider audience then some anonymous should go and talk about the cause and perhaps... dare I say... Sing...?

If you make your own posters, please add them to this page. Also please try to emphasize the two URLS: and

More flyers are on the Operation Information section.

Putting up posters in public areas

Please put up the Operation Reconnect poster in as many places as possible. The flyer and poster campaign to spread knowledge to the general public is now know as Operation Information

Write to Your MP

Write to your MP and let them know about the CoS' crimes and abuses, as well as their criminally convicted status. Question why they are still entitled to certain tax breaks (including the property tax of 696 Yonge Street) and are a Non-Profit Organization, even though they clearly are not!

This is especially important if you live in Scarborough-Rouge River as your MP is Derek Lee, a known CoS supporter.

Find your Canada MP here.
Find your Ontario MPP here.
Find your Toronto councillor here.

Main Protest on Saturday April 12th

696 Yonge Street at 11:00 AM

We hit 300, now let's aim for over 9000

Check for an up to date weather report for Saturday.


Need refined, to the point chants. Less memes this time

Call Home

Religion is Free

Re-conn-ect, Re-conn-ect

Cult not Religion



  • Double sided signs can reach drivers on the road and people on the sidewalk at the same time.
  • Signs with bigger and thicker lettering can be read easier and from farther away. Use markers, not pens.
  • Keep the message short and simple.
  • Signs on poles are more visible.
  • Sandwich boards leave your hands free to hold fliers/etc.

See the Signs and slogans page for moar ideas.

Possible slogans to use:

  • Scientology Breaks Up Families
  • Scientology Destroys Lives
  • Stop "Disconnection" Cruelty
  • We can help you leave Scientology
  • Knowledge should be free



  • epic flag is epic


External links


Pickering mini-raid

Anonymous reconnaissance reports seeing a dianetics booth in the Pickering flea market with 3 staff members on April 6, 2008. Pickering Markets is located at 1400 Squires Beach Rd (Brock Rd and Bayly)

Protest and/or flyering in front of the flea market is planned for Sunday April 13th at 1:00 P.M. (The day after Operation Reconnect) See the Pickering mini-raid page for moar details.

Undecided date in June: CCHR

The CCHR will be hosting its anti psychiatry exhibit Psychiatry, an Industry of Death in Toronto sometime in June. The goal of this operation is a peaceful protest to raise public awareness of the subversive aims of CoS and the CCHR in relation to medical science.

  • Primary support will come from Psychology students at local universities, who must be educated and recruited to join our cause.
  • Another recruiting target is the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine (medical students, Department of Psychiatry, Psychiatry residents)
  • Recruiting/support can also come from Toronto's mental health community: eg. CAMH, MDAO

Additional information will be added to this operation as dates are finalized.

Additional Recruitment Ideas: It might be beneficial to contact Jewish community groups (eg. B'nai Brith) to get their opinions on Psychiatry as the primary cause of the Holocaust, and if they would be willing to protest along side us.

Preliminary recruitment flyer. This will be amended with up to date information and will be distributed to students near the psychology faculties of local universities. Other versions tailored to specific recruitment targets should also be produced, and distributed.

See also Scientology front groups: CCHR

                                               ATTENTION PSYCHOLOGY STUDENTS

Defend your area of Academic study!

The Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) will be hosting an Anti Psychiatry exhibit on <date> at <location> in Toronto, as part of their movement to discredit and ban the study and practice of mental health related medical sciences. Your help is needed to protest this outrageous propaganda campaign!

What is the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights?

The CCHR is an anti psychiatry organization funded by the Church of Scientology International (CoS). They are a Scientology front group disguised as an NGO and are spreading false propaganda to discredit Psychology, Psychiatry and related medical sciences.

What does the CCHR believe?

The beliefs of the CCHR come directly from the doctrines of the Church of Scientology. They seek to ban all psychiatric drugs and the study of all mental health related sciences that exist outside of the Church of scientology. Among their beliefs are the ideas that:

• Psychiatry is a Nazi pseudo-science, responsible for the Holocaust and 9/11

• That physical illness and disease (including HIV/AIDS) are a mental state of mind

• That mental illness can be treated using vitamins, steam baths, and Scientology Auditing (basic cognitive restructuring exercises).

What will be happening on <date>?

A peaceful protest will be held at <location> during <hours>. Its goal will be to raise public awareness on the subversive aims of the CCHR and CoS. Through our peaceful campaign of awareness we will expose the partisan goals of the CCHR and prevent them from deceiving the public with their dangerous anti-scientific propaganda.

Where can I get more information?

For protest information and planning please visit: < add CCHR protest operation page>

For additional information and research:

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