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This page contains reconnaissance data and photos of the Toronto Church of Scientology org and GTA Scientology front groups.

"Many Bothans died to bring us this information." - Mon Mothma

Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)

This is an anti-Psychiatry Scientology front. (See the 2006 Maclean's magazine article.) Their international touring exhibit of lies, "Psychiatry: an Industry of Death" was scheduled to visit Toronto in June 2008. It seems likely that if this exhibition was planned to arrive in Toronto, the successes of Anonymous Toronto have helped to prevent it.More information will follow. Expect us.

Observations: The CCHR is located in a single office on the 3rd floor of a multipurpose building. Very little activity. It is extremely unlikely that this will be the location of the exhibit.

Canada National Office
27 Carlton Street, Suite 304
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1L2
Phone: 416-971-8555
Abuse hotline: 866-34-ABUSE

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CCHR office Image:2348293169 0abbd5368a o.jpg Image:2348316593 b608d385f7 o.jpg Image:2348343163 b11521f7f6 o.jpg Image:2349123346 f687d4b7e2 o.jpg Image:2349124306 fd66673fd1 o.jpg

Birchwood Academy

After almost thirty years in operation, this Scientology run school has now closed due to lack of students, and funds. This occurred after seven months of Anonymous Operations. Win.

The Birchwood Academy was a Scientology-run school, under the aegis of Applied Scholastics, using L. Ron Hubbard's failed "Study Tech". According to Wikipedia, the school must pay 4% of gross income to Applied Scholastics.

Birchwood Academy (AKA Toronto Ability School)
1146 Clarkson Road
Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Phone: (905) 855-3800 Phone number is not in service.

  • "Initial recon reveals a run down one storey building in the Clarkson area of Mississauga. Very little signs of activity - no visible "teachers" or students on a weekday mid-afternoon. Only 3 or 4 cars were parked outside. This is in marked contrast to the Catholic school just down the street."
  • "Additional Recon Info: Birchwood Academy acquired its new name in approximately fall of 2006, changing its name from the Toronto Ability School. It apparently remains under the direction of the supervisory staff, as a search on contact information appears to remain the same. This building used to be the Clarkson Post Office, and there still exists a mailbox out in front. One one of the pictures below, you can see the Applied Scholastics logo on the main sign (see the white smudge). Even so, L. Ron Hubbard is not mentioned anywhere on external signage. The highest level of activity at this facility appears to be in the mornings."
  • "In the fall months, the school advertises different teaching methods, including Montessori, specialized tutorials, etc. Most often this is done with banners or large 6'x8' lawn signs. There are several true Montessori schools nearby, and it may be an effort to tap into this market."
  • "Immediately across from the site is Oak Park, which is a small overgrown green space with a single Oak tree in the middle of it. If a protest of any kind is to be staged, this would be the best location. However, protesting a school may not be the most effective WIN. The school has been there long enough to become part of the scenery. More low-key methods may be more appropriate."
  • Previous ad in the Mississauga News:

Image:Recon02-01.jpg Image:Recon02-02.jpg Image:Recon02-03.jpg Image:Recon02-04.jpg Image:Schoolsclosed.jpg

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