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The purpose of the demonstration in a modern western society is to convey a message to the public. In keeping with this objective, Anonymous has drafted 21+1 rules that Anonymous can follow in order to assure epic win and no loss of hit points on your part.

Read these rules. Read them daily. Read them when you wake up, and before you go to bed. Read them to your little brother or sister to help them sleep at night. Obey them vigilantly. Distance yourself from members who do not.



Rule #0: Rules 1 and 2 of the internet still apply. Your memes are not, at this juncture, something that the real world can appreciate. Although meme speak between fellow Anonymous is acceptable, focus on the target and keep it to a minimum.

Rule #1: Stay cool.

Rule #2: Stay cool. You are an ambassador of Anonymous. Although individuals trying to disrupt your demonstration will get on your nerves, you must not lose your temper. Doing so will harm the protest and tarnish the reputation of Anonymous.

Rule #3: Notify city officials. Most jurisdictions either have rules about public protests, or would prefer to be notified that they are taking place. Know the rules for your jurisdiction and abide by them.

Rule #4: Always be across the street from the object being protested.

Rule #5: In the absence of a road, find another natural barrier between yourself and the target of protest. Doing so will make it more difficult for individuals hostile to your cause to come and harass you.

Rule #6: Stay on public property. You may be charged for trespassing if you do not.

Rule #7: No violence.

Rule #8: No weapons. The demonstration is a peaceful event. Your weapons - you will not need them.

Rule #9: No alcohol or pre-drinking. Violating this rule may easily precipitate a violation of rules 1 and 2.

Rule #10: NO graffiti, destruction, or vandalism.

Rule #11: If you want to do something stupid, pick another day. These should be self explanatory. Violation of these rules during a demonstration will tarnish the reputation of Anonymous, harm the demonstration itself and leave you vulnerable to attention from law enforcement.

Rule #12: Anonymous is legion. Never be alone. Isolation during a protest marks you as a target for handlers who wish to provoke an angry reaction from you and other hostiles. In keeping with this principle...

Rule #13: Organize in squads of 10 to 15 people.

Rule #14: One or two megaphones per squad. A megaphone is helpful for maintaining the overall cohesion of a demonstration and spreading your message. However, too many will confuse the public and render you hearing impaired.

Rule #15: Know the dress code. Forming a loose yet reasonable dress code for protest members will help to maintain cohesion and get the public to take you seriously.

Rule #16: Cover your face. This will prevent your identification from videos taken by hostiles, other protesters or security. Use scarves, hats and sunglasses. Masks are not necessary, and donning them in the context of a public demonstration is forbidden in some jurisdictions.

Rule #17: DO NOT take ID or credit cards. This will prevent your definitive identification in case you do something unseemly and get noticed by law enforcement.

Rule #18: Bring water.

Rule #19: Wear good shoes. Following these rules will assure your comfort during the demonstration. Keep in mind that demonstrations may often be quite lengthy.

Rule #20: Signs, flyers, and phrases. Have yours ready. Make sure that signs are large enough to read. Also ensure that the text on your signs and your phrases are pertinent to the target of the protest. Finally, prepare legible, uncomplicated and accurate flyers to hand out to those who wish to know more regarding the motivations behind your actions.

Rule #21: Document the demonstration. Videos and pictures of the event may be used to corroborate your side of the story if law enforcement get involved. Furthermore, posting images and videos of your heroic actions all over the internet is bound to generate win, exhorting other Anonymous to follow your glorious example.

Important Recommendations!

From watching several youtube videos of Anonymous protests and videos on, I have a few recommendations to make in terms of arrival and departure from protests, as well as the time inbetween. These are more for caution in regards to protecting your identity and person. They are now taking us seriously, so you MUST take them seriously. The Co$ is under their type of "wartime conditions" and have basically suspended large parts of LRH Tech in order to try and combat Anonymous.

Recommendation 1: Do not park near the demonstration wearing a mask or chosen disguise. The Co$ could get your license plate #, or break into your car in search of personal information (e.g wallet, registration). As well, do try not to park in the same area twice, but it is not a must.

Recommendation 2: If you live near the demonstration, do not leave or go back to your home wearing a mask. The Co$ knowing your address is one of the LAST THINGS YOU WANT. Once the Co$ has that, its only a matter of time before they have everything else on you.

Recommendation 3: If you suspect someone is following you during or after the protest, DO NOT GET INTO YOUR CAR, PROCEED DIRECTLY HOME, OR TAKE OFF YOUR MASK/DISGUISE (if they are carrying/you believe they are carrying a concealed camera, which they likely will be). Inform a police officer, shake them, or wait for them to leave. People have reported being tailed in this fashion, so be aware. Note that being persistently followed is considered intimidation and is against the law.

Recommendation 4: Be cautious and aware of your surroundings when proceeding to or leaving the protest. The Co$ is not above having it's members don masks and inconspicuously tail groups of Anonymous after the protest. I'm not saying be suspicious of every Anonymous in sight, just be on the lookout at times when it is called for; & believe me, as the protests continue, IT WILL BE CALLED FOR.

Recommendation 5: Cover distinguishing marks like scars, tattoos, piercings, or anything similar. It is more than likely that the Co$ will use PI's and scilons to infiltrate the protests. They will likely be steadily constructing a database on protesters. The only things of minor significance you should be possibly giving away is gender, height, skin color, approximate weight, and hair color. Anonymity is our greatest defense and IT MUST BE MAINTAINED.

Recommendation 6: Come prepared. Eat beforehand and bring water, as well as some system of being able to drink without taking off your mask/disguise (e.g hole for a drinking straw). In other US based anonymous protests, the local Co$ had plants in the crowd and in local shops & cafes, ready to take pictures if any anonymous took off their mask/disguise.

Recommendation 7: I probably don't need to say this, but I'll throw this in just to reinforce it anyways. There is no obligation to remove your mask or tell your name to any anonymous protester, even if they try giving you a name or removing their own mask in 'good faith'. If anything, all protesters should understand and respect our collective need for anonymity and safety. This will in all likelihood be a scilon ruse anyways, so be wary.

Recommendation 8: If you see any fellow protesters caught alone and being bullbaited, assist him/her by extracting the protester from the brewing confrontation. Be prepared for criticism and insults from plants/scilons; their only aim is make you do something stupid.

Recommendation 9: Remember, just because the Co$ is refraining from name-fagging, does not mean they're going to leave you alone. Take the protection of your personal info and identity seriously, you're not protesting against a lumber company; this is the Co$. Just because they don't get back to you in a week or a month, does not mean you're not on their to-do list. Some of scientology's critics have had to wait years to be paid that special attention; and some of them have been very lucky to dodge whatever manifestation that attention took. I cannot visualize the Co$ being cooked up in their building and saying, "oh well, looks like our hands are tied!"

No one can deny how meticulous the Co$ can be when it comes to rooting out any opposition, and they are counting on Anonymous protesters to let their guard down. Be vigilant, because every rule and recommendation is for your safety and the peaceful continuation of the protests!

"If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace." - L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 15 August 1960, Dept. of Govt. Affairs

"So we listen. We add up associations of people with people. When a push against Scientology starts somewhere, we go over the people involved and weed them out. Push vanishes." - L. Ron Hubbard, MANUAL OF JUSTICE, 1959

"Unfortunately, it is all too often true that suppressors to a creative action must be removed before construction and creation takes place. Any person very high on the Tone Scale may level destruction toward a suppressor." - L. Ron Hubbard, SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL, p. 159

Identity Protection Checklist

These guidelines should help you get rid of any objects that could be used to identify you at the protest.

  • Remove all unnecessary bank, credit, ID, and business cards from your wallet.
  • Empty your jacket pockets. Leave no scrap of paper inside them. The same goes for any bags you bring with you.
  • If you have any key chains with an address of a business on them, find another key chain.
  • Any discount key tags (Blockbuster Video, M&M Meat Shops, etc.) should also be removed.
  • If your jacket has your name anywhere on it, find another jacket.
  • Change the banner on your cell phone to something without your name.
  • If you use an image of yourself or a friend/family member as your cell phone wallpaper, change it to a more generic background.
  • Change the keypad lock code on your phone to something other than the default, and keep the lock active during the protest.
  • If you have a bus pass, use tickets or cash instead.
  • Erase all existing images from your digital camera.

When to Make Immediate Use of Police Officers

We count on every protester to be aware of their surroundings, because we must not allow troublemakers/plants to disrupt the protest. Things may have gone pretty smoothly up until now, but the Co$ does not insist that it's members go on the defensive in times like these. It demands that they go on the offensive, by discrediting opposition as a whole and systematically dismantling the opposition through various "Co$ methods". If they haven't shown much direct hostility and gone on the offensive in Toronto yet, we must assume they were taken by surprise and were not expecting the progress anonymous has made, or have been preparing for a large scale campaign of their own; because it would be more dangerous not to assume so in either case. You are strongly urged to inform a police officer in the event of...

1. A fellow protester bearing a sign or handing out alternative literature which promotes hatred and/or aggression (i.e scientologists eat babies/lets hit them). If someone is shouting out hate slogans (i.e scientologists suck ****), or trying to talk you into assisting them with something which is obviously illegal, inform a police officer.

2. A fellow protester being inebriated. These individuals are liable to disturb the peace tumultuously, or needlessly and without reasonable cause provoke others to disturb the peace tumultuously. If someone does this while sober, hand them over as well. If anyone is causing a public disturbance, such as trying to pick a fight with a pedestrian or fellow protester, inform a police officer.

3. If someone is purposely blocking the way of pedestrians and being pushy with our pamphlets.

4. If a fellow protester is committing an obvious infraction of the law. (vandalism, arson, theft, trespassing, etc) In the event of trespassing, inform the protester he is doing so and is not allowed to, and if he is not dissuaded, inform a police officer.

It looks much better on Anonymous if we hand these people over ourselves, because pretty soon the Co$ will do pretty much anything to look like a victim in the eyes of the public. I'm not saying people from our own numbers will do anything like this, but undesirable individuals will probably begin conveniently showing up...

Once the Co$ gets its act together, they will blitzkrieg us, and we must be prepared.


If you follow these simple rules, the success of your action is virtually assured. However, keep in mind that the success of the demonstration as a whole hinges on the good behavior of all those who participate. Ignore these rules at your own peril. Follow them, and victory will be yours.

We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. And now, we are expected.

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