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There are many independently-chartered organizations and groups which are staffed by Scientologists, and pay license fees for the use of Scientology technology and trademarks under the control of Scientology management. These are in reality front groups and centres for recruitment for the Church of Scientology.

The Scientology organization maintains a number of front groups to recruit new members and to promote the secular writings of founder L. Ron Hubbard. However, the ties to Scientology are not always clearly stated, making their message acceptable to a public who is unaware of the link. Groups with benign-sounding names like "Citizens Commission on Human Rights", "Applied Scholastics", "Criminon", and "Youth for Human Rights International", bring Scientology theories and dogma to public schools, prisons, and public events. Some of their names are also designed to mislead the public. "Narconon" for example is a discredited addiction treatment program which is a Scientology front group. Although it's name is similar to the more widely known "Narcotics Anonymous", it has nothing to do with that legitimate group. Youth for Human Rights International were allowed into several schools in British Columbia this spring to hold presentations and hand out booklets to students. An alert Grade 11 student figured out their connection to Scientology when he noticed L. Ron Hubbard's name in the pamphlet among a list of "famous human rights leaders". Even police departments and politicians have been duped into partnering with or endorsing these front groups. In 2008, Montreal area Liberal MP Bernard Patry unwittingly endorsed Narconon Trois Rivière's anti-drug campaign despite the latter's links to the Church of Scientology.


Applied Scholastics

Post flyers in neighbourhoods where there is an Applied Scholastics school/daycare/office warning parents of the connection between them and Co$. - for locations near you. Things worth highlighting:

  • Scientology breaking up families through forced 'disconnection'. (resource)
  • The multiple instances of child abuse in the church (CRM resource)
  • The plight of children in the Sea Org (who rarely get to meet their parents more than an hour or two a day, who work full days all week, except one day of school, and so forth)
  • LRH quotes.
  • The terrible learning habits. Suppression of free thought.

Locations in the GTA

From (accessed February 25, 2008)
Additional information from Anonymous Toronto Intelligence.
See also
Wikipedia article on Applied Scholastics

Bambolino Montessori Academy (Julia Simon and Elizabeth Zahari)
5 Bluehaven Crescent,
North York, Ontario
M4M 1W6
Phone: 416-745-1290
email:,, [1]

Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Club
101 Spruce Street
Toronto, ON
M5A 2J3
Tel: (416)925-2243
Fax: (416)925-9885

  • Read our press release here and on this thread.
  • The current Executive Director of TKBGC, Ian Edward, disavows any current connection with Scientology or Applied Scholastics. Read his response here and our discussion in the thread on our forums.

Boys & Girls Club (This entry is probably out of date.)
40 Richview Road
Penthouse #4
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Phone: (416) 478-5773

Diane Iannuzziello
PH8-311 Richmond St. E
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Phone: (416) 703-4977

Karina Jones
21 Parkview Hill Crescent
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Phone: (416) 288-0146

Life Improvement Consultant
501 Kingston Rd. #307
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Phone: (416) 699-2398

The Four House School
2229 Kingston Road #203
Scarborough, Ontario Canada
Phone: (416) 267-4800

Birchwood Academy (formerly known as the Toronto Ability School) School's Closed
1146 Clarkson Road
Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Phone: (905) 855-3800

  • Initial recon reveals a run down one storey building in the Clarkson area of Mississauga. Very little signs of activity - no visible "teachers" or students on a weekday mid-afternoon. Only 3 or 4 cars were parked outside. This is in marked contrast to the Catholic school just down the street. See the Recon page for photos.
  • Enzo Di Matteo, Scientology wants city's kids, NOW Magazine, December 10th, 1998

Eckhert Education (George Eckhert)
5392 Red Brush Drive
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 4B2 Canada
Phone: (416) 410-2244

Applied Scholastics Canada
12 Westview Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Phone: (416) 463-9950

Education Alive Toronto (Mike Zahari)
12 Westview Blvd
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Phone: (416) 462-9659

Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)

This is an anti-Psychiatry Scientology front. (See the 2006 Maclean's magazine article.) Their international touring exhibit of lies, "Psychiatry: an Industry of Death" was scheduled to visit Toronto in June 2008 but failed to show up in light of Anonymous Toronto's strong presence.

However, Boston Anonymous had much experience demonstrating against their exhibit in 2008. Read about Countering CCHR's "Industry of Death" there.

Canada National Office
27 Carlton Street, Suite 304
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1L2
Phone: 416-971-8555
Abuse hotline: 866-34-ABUSE

See the Recon page for photos.


Criminon Rehabilitation Program Ltd.[3]
Non-Profit Private Company Incorporated 2009 FEB 10
Registered Address: 1955 Commerce Place, 10155 - 102 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta, T4J 4G8. No: 5114546855.

Criminon Canada
P.O. Box 99057
Hamilton, Ontario L8J1P8 Canada

Criminon Edmonton P.O. Box 69101, Skyview RPO
Edmonton, Alberta
T6V 1G7

From the VultureMinisters' Website:

Criminon B.C.
1018 Bay
Victoria, B.C. V8T 1R9

Criminon Canada
51 Cavell Avenue
Etobicoke, Ontario M8V 1P2

Criminon Edmonton
9520 - 76 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6C 0K2

Criminon Hamilton
24 Elderridge Court
Stoney Creek, Ontario

Criminon Kingston
RR #3
Yorker, Ontario K0K 3N0

Criminon Quebec City
397 des Saules Street
Quebec, PQ G1L IR8

Drug-Free Marshals

Drug-Free Marshals is an organization dedicated to promoting a drug-free lifestyle. Of course, this may also imply a life free of legitimate prescription drugs. What is particularly disturbing however, is that this group targets children as young as 6 to indoctrinate them (and their families) into Scientology's dogma. For example, one of their pamphlets warns about the dangers of the prescription drug Ritalin which it labels "Kiddie Cocaine".

Drug-Free Marshals has been very active in the GTA, operating under our radar, appearing at such community events as the United Nations’ International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Markham, Ontario on June 26, 2008.[4][5]

The Way to Happiness Foundation

The Way to Happiness Foundation Canada
39 Avis Brook, (Scarborough)
Toronto, Ontario M1T 2H6 Canada


Narconon websites:

Website critical of Narconon:

Narconon in the news:

Reports about Narconon:

Drug Prevention Network of Canada

The Drug Prevention Network of Canada (DPNOC) was formed in 2005. It advocates abstinence-based drug and alcohol treatment and recovery programs, and opposes legalization of drugs in Canada. Unfortunately, it also promotes Narconon. A couple of board members of the DPNOC are Scientologists or have ties to Narconon and/or Scientology. DPNOC has opposed Vancouver's InSite safe drug injection program.

Jeanette Hay (Jeannette) is a former drug addict who went through the Narconon program.

Dr. Pierre Labonté is a general practitioner who is the medical advisor for Narconon Trois-Rivières (Quebec).

ABLE (Association for Better Living and Education)

ABLE Canada
696 Yonge St. Suite 705
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2A7 Canada
Phone: (416) 922-9354
Fax: (416) 922-0310

WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises)

WISE is an organization affiliated with the Church of Scientology that educates and assists businesses in the use of management methods and techniques developed by Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, such methods and techniques being, like all of Hubbard's non-fiction writings, scripture of the Church of Scientology. The stated goal of WISE "is an ethical, sane and prosperous civilization" and "returning to business the values and ethical standards upon which it was founded: honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, rewards for productivity, commitment to the prosperity of entire communities and nations." However critics of WISE say that its real purpose is dissemination of and recruitment into Scientology. Dissemination as defined within Scientology is "[..] spreading information on Dianetics and Scientology broadly, using books, tapes and other works by L. Ron Hubbard."

Sites critical of WISE:

Too many Scientologists in WISE to list here. See our page on WISE.

WISE Canada
696 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2A7
Tel. (416) 922-5109
Fax (416) 428-4304

Youth for Human Rights International

Another front group that poses as a "human rights" group. They are staffed and funded by Scientologists to promote the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. Recently, they have been in schools in British Columbia, spreading their propaganda. However, students were able to see through their cover and discover their true nature. They may be coming to Toronto to a school near you!

Physicians promoting Scientology

Dr. Paul Jaconello

Dr. Paul Jaconello, a British doctor living in Canada for at least 40 years, has been on dust jackets for copies of Dianetics and formerly ran the Lafayette Health Centre. Currently he runs his own Jaconello Centre for Nutritional and Preventative Medicine and has been a strong advocate for the Purification Rundown.

He is a Scientologist but his medical centre is not a formal Scientology front. His CPSO record is here.

751 Pape Avenue, Suite #201 Toronto, ON M4K 3T1 Canada

Tel: 416-463-2911
Fax: 416-469-0538

Dr. Kathleen J. Kerr

Dr. Kathleen Kerr.

CPSO record

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