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Scientology has existed in Toronto since at least the 1960s. With multiple locations and a considerable turnover of individuals trying to pay their way across the bridge, the events of the late 1970s culminating into the prosecution of the Church of Scientology Canada has left such an impact on the reputation of this organization that it has not recovered since. Today, the downtown location of the Church of Scientology has not managed to keep the Toronto Org beyond anything more than symbolic. Below is the history and some other useful information about the Org in Toronto.

Bookstore at ground level of The Toronto "Church" of Scientology
Bookstore at ground level of The Toronto "Church" of Scientology


Church of Scientology of Toronto

Hubbard Dianetics Foundation

696 Yonge St. Toronto (St. Mary St, South of Bloor)

(416) 925-2145

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A Map of the location of The Toronto "Church" of Scientology
A Map of the location of The Toronto "Church" of Scientology

Toronto Org history

The Toronto Church of Scientology was first located at 27 Prince Arthur Avenue, later relocating to the infamous 124 Avenue Road location. It was here that the first troubles with CoS and the law began to arise. This location later burned to the ground by the actions of a 9 year old Scientologist. His actions purportedly had him declared the youngest Suppressive Person ever. His parents were told to disconnect.

Yonge Street blues

The 696 Yonge St. Location was taken in the late 70s, a formerly impressive 8 story office building. It is here that Toronto police raided the organization and seized the preclear folders in 1983. Brother's Restaurant was formerly situated on the ground floor. When the lease expired, the Church evicted the long standing restaurant thus ending the last legitimate source of income at this address. Today the building is only occupied by Scientologists, and looking at the windows reveals years of neglect. Broken windows have not been replaced but have been covered by sheet plastic and what looks like piles of garbage.

suspicious preclear folder moving at The Toronto "Church" of Scientology
suspicious preclear folder moving at The Toronto "Church" of Scientology

Numbers and figures

Gregg Hagglund, a former Toronto CoS protester stated the office had 30 individuals OT3 and above around 1997. Today, the figure stands at a mere 15. The president of the Church of Scientology Toronto is a disagreeable woman known as Reverend Yvette Shank. Rev. Shank has been in Scientology 40 years.  She is now a member of the Sea Org, and is the Commanding Officer of OSA here in Toronto.

Formerly the President was Reverend Al Butnor, an individual whose epic failures had him sent back to CLO ANZO (Austrailia) to do the RPF.

The Yonge St. location is one of two Scientology operations currently in Toronto.

During the March 15th protest, Hagglund was heard saying the Toronto Org only has around 250 members.

CLO Canada

Located in the top floors of the building is the Canadian division of the Sea Org management.  Short for "Continental Liason Office"  Their assignment is to convey the orders and plans from Int Base to all the orgs in Canada.

Like all Sea Org bases, the CLO does not legally exist, and it runs as if it were a part of the Church of Scientology Toronto downstairs.  This helps to prevent its staff from being caught up in legal battles;  You can't sue an organization which doesn't exist.

Sea Org members work here 7 days a week, putting in over 100 hours of labour every week, yet only earning about $0.20 per hour.

Advanced Org Canada

In July 2009, Anonymous learned of plans to open an Advanced Org in Mono, Ontario. The CoS had apparently purchased the former Hockley Highlands Inn and Conference Centre.

Once the property is ready, the CLO will move to that location, and the Toronto org is supposed to occupy the entire building.

East Toronto Mission

Church of Scientology: Mission of East Toronto, photo from 2007
Church of Scientology: Mission of East Toronto, photo from 2007
Church of Scientology: Mission of East Toronto (closed), photo from March 2009
Church of Scientology: Mission of East Toronto (closed), photo from March 2009

Update: This CoS Mission is now CLOSED. After opening in 2006, this Mission failed after less than three years. It was run by Marlene and Larry Bonafacio.

From the Scientology Missions International website:

"From Toronto to Tazmania, Scientology missions reach out into their communities to deliver the miracles of Dianetics and Scientology. Those who take their first steps onto The Bridge are starting a new voyage of self-discovery. Those who make the decision to deliver that priceless technology to others, by becoming a Mission Holder, are truely (sic) pioneering a new civilization."

Church of Scientology Mission of East Toronto
2007 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M4C 1J7
Tel: 416-698-7164

This mission could be a target for flyering if it is operating out of a storefront.
Location on Google Maps

Mission of Riverdale

Front of card directing people to Riverdale Mission
Oxford test chart on reverse side

Church of Scientology Mission of Riverdale
308 Broadview Ave
Toronto, Ontario M4M 2G9
(416) 792-1889

The riverdale mission is headed by Darren Shearer. He is the drummer for the band The New Deal.


The following information is provided to ensure protesters are aware of who is confronting them in the event police intervention is needed to resolve disputes. Anons are encouraged to study this information in order to protect themselves and ensure they are able to supply police officers with the necessary information if a dispute occurs.

Pat (Patricia) Felske

Image:Pat_felske.jpg Director of Special Affairs Toronto Foundation.  DSA(Dept. of Special Affairs) is an office which takes orders from OSA.

Edmund Yee

He is the Ethics Officer TORF.  Very confrontational.  Watch out for this guy because he will try to start trouble with you.  He is upset because he has witnessed so much OT data during protests that he lost his eligibility to do the "OT Levels" and so his eternity has been jeopardized.

Technically, only staff who are OT are allowed to deal with protests, but because of his position in the org, it is his responsibility to deal with protests, whether he is OT or not.


Staff member.  PES TORF (Public Executive Secretary Toronto Foundation) He will try and force you away from Co$ by claiming the sidewalk is private property, he is a liar.

Yvette Shank

"Reverend". President of Church of Scientology Toronto.  Commanding Officer of OSA Canada.  She is a Sea Org member.

As seen in this video: Download video here
The Hour on CBC interviews Yvette Shank, president of Canada's Co$
The Drew Marshall Show interviews Yvette Shank, president of Co$ Canada - also has follow-up interview with Dr. James A. Beverley, Professor at Tyndale Seminary. (September 2007)

Andrew Peleikis

The Director of Public Booksales Toronto Foundation.  A young staffer, Andrew Peleikis spends many days standing out front of the org, handing out leaflets. He tries to be confrontational but his young scared face, makes him look quite pathetic. Andrew Peleikis stands about 6' 1" to 6'3" he is quite slim and has black hair that frames dark hollow eyes. He dress sort of Goth/Emo. He has a facebook account under that same name, if you care to see what he looks like.

Toronto Building Specs for Protestors

This section contains insider information to help protestors understand their environment.

February 2011: Emergency refit

In order to secure the building for the expected large protest, several measures were taken by Canadian management:

  • First, the ground floor public bookstore (known as Div 6) was fitted with one-way blinds.  THEY CAN SEE OUT OF THE BLINDS WHEN PULLED DOWN.  The amount of detail is sufficient for internal photographs to be taken and sent to LA.  This means that protestors wearing masks should continue to do so even when the blinds are down
  • Cameras were installed specifically for the presence of anonymous.  The building is fully covered.  So don't get any ideas.

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