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Anonymous Toronto Wiki

This website was created by Toronto Anonymous for Toronto Anonymous. It contains up to date information about our protests against the Scientology organization, other useful information, and links to even more useful information.

Like Wikipedia, this website uses a wiki software engine that allows any registered user to edit the contents of these web pages using a wiki markup language. To register an account, click here.

New to wiki markup language?

This website uses a simplified markup language that is almost identical to the one used in Wikipedia. If you are familiar with editing Wikipedia's articles, you should have no problems here.

Internal links to other pages on this website appear in blue like this.

External links to other websites (ie. not part of appear in blue (with an arrow) like this.

If you are new to this, Wikipedia has an excellent tutorial on how to edit the wiki here. Wikipedia also has a "sandbox" page where you can practice making edits and trying out different formatting without causing any problems with the rest of the website. Their sandbox page is here.

If you need help or have questions, just leave a post on our forums here.

Contact us

To contact Anonymous participating in Project Chanology in Toronto, visit our planning forum and leave a post there. We can also be found on Internet Relay Chat. See our IRC page for details on logging in.

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