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We are a united group of concerned citizens, professionals, and students dedicated to bring to light the crimes of the "Church" of Scientology (CoS). We are educating the public, media, and politicians about the unethical behaviour of the Scientology organization. We are not against individual Scientologists nor their beliefs. We wear masks to protect our identity from the CoS, which has a policy of ruthlessly attacking its critics.

The "Church" of Scientology in its current state is a vast money-making scheme under the guise of religion. Everyone has the right to freedom of religion, but religion should be free. The Scientology organization continues to abuse the human rights of its own members. It continues to harrass its critics. The Church of Scientology in Canada is a criminally-convicted organization. The Church of Scientology was also convicted of fraud in France in October 2009.

Since January, 2008, Anonymous Toronto has been organizing peaceful protests against the Scientology organization. We have handed out thousands of flyers, raising public awareness of the dangers of the CoS and their many insidious front groups.

If you are new to Anonymous Toronto and are interested in joining us, check out the following:

Next Global Protest:

See the Planned Protests page.

Next Mini Raids

For more details, links to media coverage, and photos/videos please see the Mini Raids page.

There are no current Mini Raids planned.

For more up-to-date information visit our active community on the #enturb channel in IRC. See our IRC page for up to date servers.

Recent Protests

A full list of previous global and local protests, including links to photos, videos, and news coverage, can be found on the Past Raids page.

We are Anonymous  •  We are Legion  •  We do not Forgive  •  We do not Forget  •  Expect us

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